Shooting, Archery and Skill Activities

Putting a new spin on traditional games or using the latest technology, and sometimes mixing them together!  Choose from our range of shooting, archery and skill activities to test communication, teamwork or just for fun.  All available to hire across the UK, 365 days a year.

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shooting archery skill Extreme Adventure

Hover Archery

New for 2017!

Archery is a fun and interactive activity for groups of all ages.  Hover Archery adds an extra level of challenge – floating targets!

shooting archery skill Extreme Adventure Baseball_game

Baseball Home Run

New for 2017!


shooting archery skill sphero ball Extreme Adventure


The Sphero Ball Assault Course which is a great indoor team activity. It’s addictive!

Cannon Ball Blaster

New for 2017!

This team shootout game is fast and furious fun for players of all ages.

shooting archery skill extreme adventure

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Use a modified shotgun to fire an infra red beam at clays.  Suitable for players aged 10+

Laser Maze

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to navigate through the puzzle of lasers as quickly as possible.

Little Landies Land Rover Experience

Rather than taking your staff on an expensive 4×4 course we bring the experience to you with our “Little Landies”, complete with their very own off-road course.