Adventurous Activities high ropes


Extreme Adventure specialises in creating adventurous events.  We have a range adventourous activites suitable for indoor and outdoor venues, and guaranteed to provide fun for all ages. All  are available to hire across the UK, throughout the year.

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adventurous activities outdoor events sprint tunnel

Sprint Tunnel

How does your top speed compare to Usain Bolt?



Inflatable 5 a Side Football Pitch

Allows you to take football anywhere!

Speed Cage

Sure to draw a crowd, our Speed Cage combines competition and skill as players play to top the leader board.


Perfect for team building activities, our Segway obstacle course and relay race require strategy, excellent communication and collaboration.

Adventurous activities slack lines Extreme Adventure

Slack Lines

Slack lining involves walking across a strechable strap that is only a couple inches off the ground. It’s harder than it sounds!

Adventurous activities street slide Extreme Adventure

Street Slide

A 50m twin lane giant street slide!  This is a monster of an activity and is great fun.